GS-103 会社で口数の少ない女上司と出張先でまさかの相部屋!気まず過ぎる空気の中、無理矢理お酒を勧めてみると…女上司は泥酔!すると普段と性格が180度変貌し、さらに浴衣から胸やお尻が丸見えに!そんな状況にソソられていると女上司から密着してきて…!?

GS-103 Rainy Day Dormitory On The Road And Of Few Words Woman Boss In The Company!Among The Too Uncomfortable Air, And Try To Recommend The Force Sake … Woman Boss Is Drunk!Then Usually The Personality Is Transformed 180 Degrees, Still In Full View Chest And Buttocks From Yukata!Been In Close Contact With A Woman Boss And Have Soso Is In Such A Situation …! ?

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